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  • How long does it take?
    The painting process can take qiut some time, depending of the complexity of design, and the use of flakes which add layer of clear that need time to dry before being wet sanded, usually 24hr before wet sand. SO a week will be approximatly the minimum time require that exclude shipping time of course, I will also depend if you parts are ready to be painted or if they need to be stripped from previous paint or if body work is needed.
  • How can you spray flakes?
    Flakes can be sprayed dry or wet. Fore the dry version you will need a device called a flake buster, you will have to spray some clear coat fisrt, and while it is stil wet, you will spray the dry flakes on it. For the wet version, you will mix the flakes with the clear coat and spray the mix to the parts. Depending of the size of the flake you will be able to use regular paint gun but you will need at least a 1.8 tip. For both method you will need to wait that it dry a littl ebit and spray another 3 coat to burry the flakes so when you wet sand the next day you don't remove the flakes.
  • What is the process?
    Here is the different step: - Body work to get everything smooth if needed. - Spary primer. - After primer has dryed, wet sand. - Spray metallic base coat, usually the same color as your flakes (silver). - Spray clear coat mixed with the flakes. - Spray 3 more coats of just flakes. - After the clear has cured, wet sand. - Apply your tape for the design. - Airbrush the design. - Spray 3 coats of clear. - After 24hrs wet sand the clear to get rid of the tape lines. - Reapply 3 coats of clear. - After 24hrs wet sand with 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000. - Buff with Meguiars 105 followed by Meguiars 205. - Reinstall liner and trim if needed. As you can see this is a lot of material that is being use for this process, also a lot of sanding. it shows why it can take some time too.
  • What is Candy paint?
    Candy paint is a translucid paint, not opaque, so you can still see thru. You have to be carefull when spraying it because Candy colors will become darker and darker depending of the amount of layer/coat you spray. This is pthe perfect combination with flake because you can still see the flakes when the light hit them.
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